Selasa, 16 September 2014

A Successful Examination

A Vitamin C is really needed to have a healthy body, but score C is really horrified for us after having holiday. Isn’t it?
Every student expects to get best scores in their examination because they want to take more credit. Therefore they can graduate earlier with excellent scores from their universities, so they can find a good job with high salary. However, it is not a remarkable thing to achieve it. Studying hard and doing many exercises are the way to get a successful examination.
Studying hard every day is very important to do. It will help us to have many calm times before examination. Calm times make us remember the entire lesson that was learned. When we study every day, our mind will be more active, so we will have smart brain.Scientists’ belief that studying every day can helps the expansion of our brain to be smart is true. On the contrary, our brain will not have good quality if we seldom to use it. And when we get best scores, we will have big happiness because of our hard effort. It will be different with someone who gets the best score without hard effort, and I never hear success people without hard effort anywhere I hear some advices.
After we study, we have to do many exercises to help us memorize our lessons, and it helps us to understand well. If we do many errors in exercising, we will try to do it again until we master it. Of course we will be more confident to answer the question in the examination because doing many exercises every day. Someone who is not confident enough to answer the question by themselves those are who is less to do some exercises. We will answer the question easily in the examination because of some questions in the examination almost same with the exercises that we do at our boarding house.

In summary, it is clear that hard effort and doing many exercises is very hopeful to get high GPA, so we can take more credits to graduate earlier from our university. I hope so.